Benefits of the Onedrive Cloud Platform

When you use cloud technology, especially Microsoft OneDrive, you can work from any location. This could be your home, office, that great vacation spot, your friend’s home, your car, the train, the bus or anywhere else. Remember the days when you needed to go to your office computer to access that important file.

You had to drive all the way there on a Saturday afternoon. It was horrible! Don’t worry those days are long gone. The idea of “remote location work” has pervaded into all areas of business, and employees can now be productive wherever they are.

The benefits of moving to Onedrive cloud platform

The work from anywhere environment is continually expanding and it allows workers and managers to work on projects and documents in real-time (from any location), all by simply Migrating to Onedrive. All a user needs to do is open any of the Microsoft programs on the OneDrive and start working, and he can be on any computer or device whether it be his own or a borrowed piece of equipment. Users can share documents, edit, get a response from management, respond to requests and secure sensitive information all from OneDrive. Share documents instantly, get information edited and change, share photos and additional information, all through the use of the Cloud-based Microsoft OneDrive. So why choose OneDrive over other cloud services like Google Drive or DropBox? These are the improved features of Microsoft OneDrive:

  • Integration with Office 365
  • Cheap cloud storage
  • Support over 100 languages

However, the above is just the standard reasons for using this cloud system. The following are some of the biggest and best advantages for the devout user.


OneDrive is always available and users can always upload and use content they store in their account. This is critical because you can connect from any location at any time, day or night. Data is stored on servers around the world so when one data center goes down another one will become the primary node, and other secondary and tertiary nodes will be assigned to store information. This keeps all of your information no matter how old, big or complex completely safe.

Access from Anywhere

Migrating to Onedrive cloud is simple and once you start using it, it syncs with your phone, tablet, laptop, and computer. It works, no matter what device you are on. All you have to do is open your OneDrive account and it automatically syncs your contacts, photos and all of the documents easily. You no longer have to hit that Save button.

Sharing Capabilities

OneDrive has extensive sharing capabilities so you can share with other users by synching the information and giving access to other members of your team. Members can share documents, images or even entire folders. Just right-click the content and select the share option where you can select who or how you want to share the information.

Added Security

Security is essential in today’s world, and OneDrive uses state of the art technology to ensure your information is kept safe even if you decide to share it with specific people. At OneDrive, the IT manager for each company can set the levels of the sharing capabilities for employees. He can do this through the OneDrive Admin control panel. In the admin panel, the IT management team can choose the permissions for users to allow them to share certain amounts of content and keep other data private. OneDrive offers four levels of sharing so organizations can control how content is stored and shared.

OneDrive’s Admin Panel

Other features of OneDrive include the Device Access and tools to ensure compliance processes for ensured security. If these standard security levels are not enough, administrators can use other options through the Azure Information Protection porta. Here administrators can configure document and information policies, content lockdown (the inability to copy, forward or take screenshots).

Offline Work

Another benefit of OneDrive cloud storage is that employees can work on information even when they are not connected to the internet. Users can download their work to their local workstation or laptop and work on it from anywhere. Once, they re-establish the internet connection the changes are registered and synchronized on the OneDrive.

Office Integration

One of the nicest features of OneDrive is that it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications. Users don’t have to go back and forth to their office programs, and can instead work on a Microsoft Office application in the OneDrive cloud application. This allows team members to collaborate, make changes and update material faster.


OneDrive offers an enterprise-level product that is trusted by consumers around the world. This cloud-based program allows for sharing and storing content while keeping everything completely safe. Small and large businesses can now easily manage all of their content on OneDrive. It is the easiest way to synchronize, work as a team and keep your information completely safe.

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